Citizenship Lawyers in Canada

Canadian citizenship can be obtained in three ways: Automatically by birth in Canada, through an application for Canadian citizenship and through a confirmation (proof) of Canadian citizenship. Our Halifax, Nova Scotia based immigration lawyers can help you with your application for Canadian citizenship and will explain the Canadian citizenship requirements to you.

Application for Grant of Canadian Citizenship

Is it time to start thinking about obtaining Canadian citizenship?  Once you have been in Canada the equivalent of three years in the past five years (3/5 Rule), you may qualify for Canadian citizenship. Our Halifax, Nova Scotia-based immigration lawyers can help you with your application.

These applications take time to be processed and involve proof of language and taking the citizenship test (there are few exceptions). Once you have Canadian citizenship, there are no more residency requirements and you are eligible for a Canadian passport.

Confirmation of Canadian Citizenship (Proof of Citizenship)

A person born abroad with at least one Canadian citizen parent may be eligible for a Confirmation of Citizenship Certificate, which will enable them to get a Canadian passport.