Legal Help for Canadian Immigration Appeals and Federal Court

Immigration and Refugee Board

There are several adjudicative bodies under the IRB umbrella and our immigration lawyers handle all of these types of matters, including refugee claims, detention reviews, inadmissibility hearings and appeals in Canada. IRB matters are complex and can have significant consequences, so it is very important to discuss your case with an immigration lawyer well before your hearing date.

Immigration Appeal Division

Certain types of Canadian immigration decisions can be appealed to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). Sometimes, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), also known as mediation is available. These processes have very serious implications and should not be started without the benefit of legal advice and preferably, legal representation. Our Halifax, Nova Scotia immigration lawyers are here to help.

Federal Court

If you disagree with the decision in a refugee hearing or any other “unappealable” immigration application, your only option may be to go to the Federal Court. This process is very complex and not for the faint of heart. But sometimes immigration officers and refugee panels make mistakes.

Sometimes, IRCC challenges a decision of a citizenship judge and the individual (who wants to become a citizen) ends up having to defend the citizenship judge’s decision in Federal Court. If you have been served with Federal Court documents, such as an Application for Leave and Judicial Review, you should consult with an immigration lawyer immediately.