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Blame the lawyers…again

“Public discussion about something that is before the courts is never recommended and for good reason.” http://thechronicleherald.ca/metro/33238-halifax-councillors-stay-silent-occupy-ns-eviction  What a disappointment the city’s behavior in the ONS matter has been. There is nothing “before the courts” unless an action, application or motion has been filed (physically, not metaphorically or a “threat” of a Charter challenge) in […]


The flat rate works great

I had an interesting conversation with one of our favorite clients the other day. We have been working for her for many months and she called with a general question about a potential immigration application. She told me not to start any work on the file as she didn’t want to incur any expenses yet, […]

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Deceptively Simple – Citizenship and Immigration Canada on Twitter: How to hire a foreign worker

http://bit.ly/ttwYpq Sounds easy, right? CIC keeps trying to make it simpler for people to do their own immigration paperwork. But they just keep making the process and explanations of the process more and more difficult. Who in their right mind (other than a curious and critical immigration lawyer…) would follow these links and actually feel […]


Shipbuilding and Temporary Foreign Workers

It’s not even a week since the shipbuilding announcement and we are already talking about more temporary foreign workers in Nova Scotia. More people, more jobs, more money. All good. Unfortunately, the immigration process for temporary foreign workers is often unbelievably frustrating, especially for companies that are simply trying to bring the right people in […]

Great opinion piece on Bill C-4 by Mary Jo Leddy

I could not get a link to the entire article which showed up in my email via the CCR, so I am pasting it here: Embassy Years from now, Canadians will apologize By Mary Jo Leddy Published September 28, 2011 Years from now, a prime minister will stand in the House of Commons and issue […]

Interesting article but it’s the comments that blow my mind

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. But the lack of understanding of the general public (I should say the general public that actually has the time and inclination to post comments on news websites) is so depressing! Fact: Service Canada scrutinizes every single one of those Chinese chef jobs to confirm the position cannot be filled […]

Hopefully a step in the right direction

So, in addition to most-wanted lists and lightening-quick deportations, CIC now has a tip line where you can report someone suspected of obtaining citizenship through fraudulent means. That could be good. But I would like to know how serious CIC is in prosecuting the immigration consultants who, in their “professional” capacity, advised people that this is […]

UK Riots – the problem with being disconnected

At first, it seemed like there was an avoidance (in the mainstream media anyway) of talking about the race/immigration element of the UK riots. This may have been written by a star of Hollywood schlock, but it’s worth a read: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/aug/11/london-riots-davidcameron?CMP=NECNETTXT8187