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Whiplash, immigration-style

It’s not business as usual, not even close. But here at North Star, we’ve been working hard to continue to serve and advise clients as the rules change and shift before our eyes, sometimes mid-sentence. Our national immigration lawyer listserv has been tireless in reacting to the various announcements and guidance like it is in […]

Our Coronavirus plan: a message to clients and colleagues

At North Star Immigration Law, we are making efforts to ensure that our clients and employees are safe, healthy and helping to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus. No one in our Halifax office has travelled by airplane since mid-January and we are all observing the recommendations (social distancing, no handshaking, coughing/sneezing etiquette and hand […]

From Russia with Vavilov

The sentiment may be holiday-induced, but certain passages in Vavilov feel like sips from a cup of fresh eggnog. The Court’s take on choice of standard may spill the most ink in administrative legal circles. Yet, it is snippets from the Court’s subsequent master class on “Reasonableness & the Culture of Justification” that immigration litigators should […]

North Star Immigration Law update: with a side of salt and vinegar chips

Apparently time flies when you’re practicing immigration law! We were in Guadeloupe then I blinked and now it’s Halloween. Nova Scotia continues to chart new territory with new immigration streams such as: Occupations in Demand: truck drivers and nurse’s aides– these are NOC C jobs which normally require 6-months experience with the NS employer before […]

Pop-up Law Shop? Why not!

Lawyers have mandatory continuing professional development but it can start to feel, at least in our office where there is almost constant collaboration, like everything we do is one big professional development session. Conference? Check. Lunch and learn? Check. Networking event? Check. Consultations with government? Check. Group yoga? Um, no (but we really wish we […]

Psst…this is how you can use the NS AIP Designated Employers list

Every morning, we wake up to many email inquiries sent from random people, around the world, trying their luck at email-blasting to find a job in Canada. Here are just the re lines from today’s emails: “Re: Looking for employment : Atlantic immigration pilot program” “Interested to get job offer for AIPP” “A Job Offer […]

Welcome Sophie Chiasson!

Halifax, Nova Scotia – October 22, 2018 – North Star Immigration Law Inc. is pleased to welcome Sophie Chiasson to the firm as an associate. Ms. Chiasson articled under two Justices of the Federal Court of Canada. She has lived and worked in Egypt, England, New Zealand and Uganda. North Star continues to assist individuals […]

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2018: Feeling Good

There is a lot to love about Canadian immigration these days. Our immigration minister is the right person for the job: a refugee, a lawyer and former immigration lawyer. There is a general perception that our programs are fair yet firm (just stay off the Canada subreddit). Express Entry is ticking along nicely. You can […]

The Parent (Sponsorship) Trap

Yesterday, December 30, 2017, IRCC published the Ministerial Instructions for the 2018 Parent Sponsorship Program, set to open on January 2, 2018.[1] Cynical people may call it a last minute effort to feign preparation and forethought before the opening of an immigration program that will impact ~100,000 Canadians and their ~100,000 overseas parents, but in […]