Sadly, we received the last of our RLMDS applications back in the mail last week. Unprocessed due to the program being full. It was for a family of 6 – a physician, her spouse and their 4 young daughters. We had submitted it on March 12, just 6 days after the program opened. We submitted it with scanned copies of the signed pages as we knew the province was receiving heaps of applications everyday, and we wanted to get it in process as quickly as possible. On March 21, we resubmitted the whole thing again with the originals, suspecting the March 12 package would be returned due to the signatures being photocopies. The clients were from a remote area where courier service is unreliable and it took a full week to get the package of originals delivered to my office.

If the March 12 application contained the original signatures, my clients would have been nominated. It appears that all complete applications were approved between March 6 and March 13. It didn’t matter if the applicants had ever been to Nova Scotia, or if they had ever even heard of it before. It didn’t matter if they had family members here. It didn’t matter if they had ever worked or studied here. All that mattered is that their application was complete (with the forms filled out, copies of identity documents, photos, etc, and of course, original signatures). The criteria was so wide open that the overseas immigration consultants were right in capitalizing on the opportunity: this was obviously a flawed program. The bar was set far too low and Nova Scotia allocated 150 of its precious 700 nominations to this program. [Before the program shut down April 28, it apparently received 4500 applications in total]

The pendulum has swung in the other direction now with Nova Scotia’s replacement stream (NSDEE), with near-impossible eligibility criteria. “Physician” is off the list of eligible occupations in the new program, so my client, her spouse and their four daughters are out of luck as far as Nova Scotia goes.

Too bad. We would have been lucky to have them.