2011 has been an interesting year so far, immigration-wise. Whether it’s because of the big changes in the legislation and policy or because it seems like Halifax is being exposed as a hotbed of the unscrupulous consultant, we have noticed a change in the types of inquiries we are getting. This is a list of the top ten issues we are being consulted on these days. Please email us or check the Blog for updates and our answers to these questions.

10. I am a permanent resident with a valid PR Card. I arrived at the airport and ended up being questioned for 3 hours about whether or not I can prove I live here. In the end the officer “reported” me for being inadmissible to Canada. Now I have to go back for another interview to deal with the report. What can I do?

9. My permanent residence card is about to expire but I have not been in Canada for 730 days. What should I do?

8. I have been working in Canada as a cook for 4 years. I want to become a permanent resident. I have a wife and child back home, a grade 9 education and basic English but no French.  What can I do?

7. I filed my work permit extension application 3 months before it expired. Now I see that these applications are taking 4 or 5 months to be processed and I have to leave Canada for a few weeks. My permit is now expired. What can I do?

6.  I am from Colombia. I came to Canada to visit my 40-year old brother who is a citizen here. He is disabled and alone. Now things in Colombia are getting worse and my family there is being threatened. I want to stay in Canada. What can I do?

5. I married a Canadian and am here as a visitor. My visitor permit is about to expire. What should I do?

4. My 35 year old sister was left alone in Iran when the rest of the family immigrated here 2 years ago. She is a nurse. What can she do to come here?

3. I am graduating from a university in Halifax this year. I want to work but I don’t have a job offer. What can I do?

2. I have been living in Canada without status for 17 years. What can I do?

1. I hired an immigration consultant for my PR Card renewal who told me to say I was here when I wasn’t. I sent in the application with untrue information on it. I just had an interview with an immigration officer who gave me a form called a Residency Questionnaire to fill out. Now what?